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Making good better since 2016

Propuh is a social enterprise offering social impact consultancy as well as in house impact investment. Propuh makes policy, business and projects better by offering you over 20 years of team’s expertise in social impact mapping, social impact analysis, social impact management, measuring and evaluation as well as creating its own unique service of social impact hacking.






Making an Impact

We use data based research, analysis, inovation and user centric mapping and design, to find new approaches to social impact for your organisation.

Innovating social impact – Social impact hacking

We use social hacking to innovate impact. As social innovators recognised by European awards we offer a unique service of social impact hacking. Weather you are working on the market, in policy or on a non-for-profit project, your impact already exists and can be analysed, innovated, planned and implemented in a way that uses less resources and creates larger impact.

social return on investment measured for every EUR entering the company


revenue increase in 2018


We use social impact mapping and analysis across your corporate processes in search of the most efficient ways to create social impact while growing customer base and customer loyalty, revenue, or other key metrics. Service that we offer to make your business better for everyone: business social impact analysis, social innovation workshops, recommendations, strategy and action plan integrated into business plans, setting up social impact measurement indicators and methodology, partnership building and government relations management, capacity building and training for staff, implementation and social impact management, communication and PR content building, measuring and feed-back loop recommendations.


We often forget that policy has the biggest social impact in our societies. As experts in open government, and holistic approach to making policy impactful we make sure that policies are reexamined from a user-centric position while having a full understanding of the political, policy and budgetary framework of policy-making. We offer: policy research and analysis, policy labs, strategy, action plan and international and national commitments mapping, open government expertise, good governance expertise and citizen centric policy design partnership building and stakeholder and citizen engagement strategies and tools as well public communications content, public servant workshops and education, indicators and measurement of impact.

Non for profit

Non for profit organisations are often at the frontier of making positive change and tasked with difficult challenges of providing what the rest of the society has not been able to provide on the ground. Therefore we offer: social impact mapping, analysis, hacking and management as well as impact oriented project design, identification of relevance, designing of activities and building indicators for measuring both results and impact of actions and projects. We offer social impact external evaluation, EU funding expertise and social impact capacity building and workshops, working often pro bono with smaller NGOs and disadvantaged communities.

Impact of policy

Tamara Puhovski, Propuh founder speaking on designing impactful policy for 21st century

The Right Choice

Propuh provides tailor made, individual services in order to make room for testing, retesting and strictly needs-based development of innovation and positive social impact. From mentoring, services and short needs-based ad hoc support to three year star project development and support we have proven to be a space where great new ideas can be translated into real change making our business but also out communities and societies better.

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